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About company

Satellite view on the steel plant INEKO. (photo)

Welding in the manufacture of the column. (photo)

Manufacturing row storage for automatic plant for concrete production. (photo)

Moving parts of the silos from the shop into the yard. (photo)

Turner working on CNC lathes (turning parts with diameter up to 420 mm and length up to 1000 mm). (photo)

Turning of metal parts. (photo)

Milling of metal parts. (photo)

Manufacture of explosion-proof enclosures. (photo)

Our company has been successfully operating since 1990 and has the following production facilities.

Manufacturing plant

We are located in the industrial area near Donetsk, in the Kalinin district.

The territory of our company consists of two related spans industrial building with total area of ​​5700 m2 and adjacent finished goods warehouse area of ​​3,000 m2.

Span number 1 - 4045 m2 area, the width of 24 m has concrete floors on two levels. Equipped with two overhead cranes with a mounting height of 16 m and 14 m, depending on the floor level. Under elevated part of the floor is a room with an area of ​​1600 m2. Span has two gates located on opposing end walls.

Span number 2 - 1665 m2 area, the width of 18 meters also has concrete floors. Equipped with an overhead crane with a mounting height of 16 m span is a custom gate to skip the bulky cargo. Inside passage, the entrance gate, there are heated domestic premises with a total area of ​​600 m2, comprising on the ground floor changing rooms, showers, toilets and on the second floor rooms for engineers and dining room.

Finished goods warehouse - two-span structure, fenced, has a concrete base and equipped with two overhead cranes. Functionally, a factory yard. Warehouse is separated from its neighbors by a concrete fence, and from Krasnogvardeisky prospect - a three-meter metal fence. Factory premises guarded round the clock.

The company has its own convenient travel to the Krasnogvardeysky avenue through motorized sliding gate width of 6 m by Krasnogvardeisk Avenue allowed the movement of trucks.

If we evaluate the distance of the car in time, our factory is located 15 min. drive from the ring road, 10 minutes. drive from the center of the Kalinin district of Donetsk, in 30 minutes. drive from the center of Donetsk, in 30 minutes. drive from the center of Makeyevka. View Map >>


There are two cable input power. Power up to 600 kW. Water supply and sewage removal carried out on the city network.

Restrooms are water heating and hot water from an autonomous heating system, one based on the boiler capacity of 120 kW, with coal heating.

Technological capabilities

Park's own technological equipment allows you to:

harvesting operation:

  • cutting of sheet metal on the mechanical and hydraulic shears in the thickness range from 0.5 mm to 20 mm;
  • cutting of semi-automatic flame cutting - metal thickness up to 200 mm;
  • cutting with CNC plasma cutting machine or hand - metal thickness from 1 mm to 40 mm;
  • cutting rolled sections on mechanical and hydraulic shears - angle to 200 mm, and 300 mm channel, I-beams up to 300 mm, L, [, I № 30;
  • cutting round and rolled on tape saws;
  • punching up to 40 mm sheet thickness up to 20 mm.

Plates and bars:

  • rolling and bending of sheet metal rolled sections;
  • getting bent structures at bender with a rotary beam and press brake, CNC


  • turning - diameter 690 mm, length 1500 mm, digital display ± 0.01 mm or CNC;
  • milling with maximum strokes 1000h1250 mm;
  • axis milling, drilling, boring - digital readout ± 0.01 mm;
  • drilling and tapping on the radial drilling and vertical drilling machines.


  • semi-automatic and automatic welding in an inert gas;
  • are welding stacks, tables, stands and other equipment for the assembly of products.


  • spray.

Thermodiffusion galvanizing.


The plant has its own automobile transport.

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