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Production of steel constructions

Production of heavy metal. (photo)

Welding tractor for automatic welding of steel structures. (photo)

Manufacturing silos - metal vertical tanks. (photo)

Manufacturing rectangular bins. (photo)

Production capacity available to the Company "Ineko" provide quality metal fabrication for any purpose at the production site, located in Donetsk.

All metal out in strict accordance with the drawings of the brand KM, KMD, according to current SNIP, GOST.

Our equipment allows weld metal of linear elements, as well as provide for finish milling operations and control assembly.

Since 1990 Plant of Metal Ltd. "Ineko" had considerable experience in the manufacture of steel structures for construction purposes, such as:

  • columns of I-beams Columns - Stack, sploshnostenchatye, constant and variable cross-section;
  • farm from hot parts - made of single and paired corners;
  • farm closed section of the rectangular cross-section;
  • runs of channel bent - are made from rolled or curved channel bars of solid section;
  • beams of I-beams shirokopolochnyh;
  • beam welding of sheet metal;
  • beam with variable cross-section of the I-beams;
  • crane beams welded from sheet metal - are made of rolled, I-beams of solid section,
  • reinforced ribs composite welded;
  • road crane - are made of rolled I-beams;
  • podstropilnye farm - are made of single and paired brackets, closed profiles with square and rectangular cross-section;
  • of channel beams bent - are made of rolled and cold-formed sections;
  • custom metalwork.

metal factory carries out the following work on the Customer:

  • joint preparation of Terms of Reference for the construction and custom steel structures,
  • economic design of metal building
  • design of steel structures,
  • metal fabrication,
  • Coatings.

Metal fabrication is done using:

  • semi automatic welding in carbon dioxide;
  • curly plasma cutting machine sheet metal thickness up to 30 mm:
  • shearing plates and bars on guillotine shears, press shears, scissors and combined band sawmill;
  • plate bending machines, including CNC, allowing pieces to bend thickness up to 10 mm;
  • rounding machines, allow for the flexible sheet width up to 2000 mm, thickness 16 mm.

Mechanical assembly production is specialized for the following works:

  • Turning parts with diameter up to 690 mm and length up to 1500 mm;
  • Turning CNC parts with diameter up to 420 mm up to 1000 mm;
  • processing of body parts and parts weighing up to 4,000 kg on a horizontal boring machine with the following parameters: a) the lateral movement of table 1250 mm, b) longitudinal travel of table 1000 mm, c) the vertical movement of the spindle head 1000 mm.
  • Milling blanks and parts weighing up to 325 kg.

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