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Frames for building

"INEKO" Ltd. produces steel building farm any configuration and design.

Building farms have been widely used in the design and construction of steel buildings. They are used in coatings, floors structures, under bridges, tree towers, masts and other structures.

Own production of steel roofing frameworks can make various types and applications, including custom:

  • arched truss
  • beam
  • supports transmission lines
  • odnostenchatye lungs
  • dvustenchatye heavy
  • rafter
  • rasporochnye
  • farm building bridges
  • farm from hot parts - made of single and paired corners;
  • farm closed section of the rectangular cross-section;
  • podstropilnye farm - are made of single and paired brackets, closed profiles with square and rectangular cross-section;
  • and any other farm for your order!

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